Freshwater Charters

Welcome to Freshwater Charters, a fishing service started by a guy who loves to fish and have fun.  I run my local charter fishing service from Put-in-Bay.
My name is Capt. Cliff Fulton and I have the pleasure of being married to a 5th generation islander and the owner of Freshwater Retreat.

I live on the island and enjoy the many seasons of fishing. 

I started this business for the guys who are staying at Freshwater Retreat and would rather fish than talk about their feelings and shop in the store.  You don't have to be a guest to book a charter though, just give me a call or email me for your reservation.
If you are looking for an opportunity to fish for Walleye, Perch or Bass around the Bass Islands, then you have found the right guy at the right price.

My first mate is Dave Church a Lake Erie fisherman for many, many years.  Dave will not only help with instruction on trolling, casting, but also information about the islands and history.   Dave works for tips and is always appreciative.

There are many ways to fish for Walleye here on the Great Lakes, and I leave it up to you and your group to decide.  We offer trolling, casting and drifting as our means of landing the big ones.

Hours of the fishing can be customized, we can start a little later if you had too much fun in town, or at sunup.   Evening fishing is also open, and sunsets are spectacular.

Beverages are available on board, and lunch can be customized based on your budget and taste.

​PIB Locally Owned and Operated

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cliff fulton

Charter Capt.